fw3 min

Dashboard Features:

• Multi user authentication

• Admin dashboard

• Live data update on the screen for pass/fail

• Bar charts for hourly, per shift and cumulative data

• Learn from master sample

• Part number selection

• Failure tracking provision - Data logging and export

fw4 min

 Automation Features:

• Supports insertion and continuity

• LCD display for pass/fail indication

• Provision of a keypad for selection/configuration

• Provision of a test point to detect the right insertion and LED indication for the same

• Audio visual indications – buzzer and lamps

• Test parameters - Wrong connection, connection interchange, shorts, open-circuits, pass/fail

• Vision system for pattern recognition

• Dashboard on monitor

• Data logging and export

• Learn from master sample

• Label printer

• Server/cloud connectivity

• Mobile app – for admins, supervisors, sales team, management

• Idiot box for failed components

• 5V, 12V and 24V outputs

• Provision of a Reset button, safety fuse and ON/OFF button

• Standard DB25 interface for external connections

• Foolproof design

• Models: 48 circuits, 150 circuits, 220 circuits