Have you ever faced a challenging situaltion which has troubled you for multiple years and were not able to achieve it because of cost constraints ?

Problems faced by TE

  1. High cost of the present Conventional Camera and vision systems for pattern recognition
  2. Multiple systems needed to be installed to monitor the the production output (nearly 3 different solutions)
  3. Cost of the Software and hadware for the  Cable continuity tester
  4. Facing rejections in the production area

Well here is that challenge solved by us !!

A system with imaging and continuity tester and dashboard all in one unit with connectivity for remote monitoring and reporting and database and storage . . .  ALL IN ONE

With this solution they have saved 3 times the cost than the conventional technology and with 3 times the features and ease of monitoring as the included comfort.


With this system now they can go home early and maintain a healthy work-life balance.  


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