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Don't spend time in creating a product, just Focus on your ideas, and we make it to a complete Product

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We Build electronics and software right from scratch

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Connect all your field devices using IoT and have it all accessible on a dashboard

Did you know that 51% of your market is lost every year because you dont modernize and dont make your products connected digitally ?

Why wait for the future when you can create it now ?
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We are helping create the Future for all the Industries

We make Hospitals SMART !

  • Connected Patient Monitors
  • Elderly Care system
  • Patient Databases
  • Connected Doctors' Networks
  • Smart Hospital Management

We make Vehicles Safe & Go Green

  • Vehicle to Vehicle Communication(V2V)
  • Vehicle to Any Communication(V2X)
  • Vehicle to Infrastructure Communication(V2I)
  • Infotainment connectivity
  • Autonomous Driving Systems
  • In-Vehicle Infotainment(IVI)
  • Automotive Ethernet
  • Phone to Infotainment connectivity(App-link)
  • Easy Electric Vehicle kit for automotives to make them electric

We make Industires SMART

  • Completely Digitized Process Flow Automation
  • Machine to Machine(M2M) Connectivity
  • Industry 4.0 / Industrial Internet or Things(IIoT)
  • Advanced Vision Systems
  • Custom GUI Dashboards for Process Automation
  • Cloud Connectivity and Analytics
  • Hazardous Area Occupancy Management
  • Weather Monitoring
  • Customized Automation Equipments

We make Homes SMART

  • End to End connectivity
  • Wide Interoperable Gateways
  • Sensor Nodes
  • Plug and play Network
  • Predictive Analysis
  • Energy Saving
  • Security
  • Secure Connection
  • Easy Migration to Various clouds
  • Solutions for Sustainable Smart Homes

We make Cities SMART

  • Smart Street Lighting
  • Smart Grid/Smart Utility Metering
  • Sewage Management Solutions
  • Smart Garbage Management
  • Solutions for Sustainable Future Cities 
  • Real Time Traffic Management

We make interspace systems SMART

  • Automation Systems for Satellite Subsystems

We make Clouds work

  • Framework for easy Migration to most of the Clouds
  • Custom Dashboards
  • Interactive Panes
  • Predictive Analysis

Below are our customers who trust us in their product developments & manufacturing processes

We are People Driven Company

We believe in collaboration, meritocracy and equality. We value ethics and live by it. We have strong processes and systems that continue to maintain our company values and ethics. Irrespective of demograpy we believe that all are one and one big family. It is because of these integral policies we are what we are today. We believe in collective growth and mutual trust.

We strongly uphold all these values in conducting business each day. We strive to excel every day in our customer satisfaction and uphold business values and ethics by collective collaboration. We believe in partnering and building relationship with our customer.

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